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We have compiled for you the most preferred operations among the aesthetic applications that develop and take shape depending on today's understanding of beauty.

With the development of technology, reshaping beauty perception was reflected in medical aesthetic applications.

Especially the aesthetic operations of famous names close to the natural appearance created a change in the perception of beauty in the new period.

1- Youth Potion

Youth potion, which eliminates sagging, wrinkles and tissue deformations caused by the factors that cause our skin to get an unhealthy appearance, is one of the most trendy applications of recent times.

The youth potion, which is formed by the combination of hyaluronic acid that sticks to keep our skin moist and succinic acid that reconstructs collagen formation, is one of the most preferred anti-aging methods.

The youth potion, which provides the skin with vitality, moisture, and elasticity, and restores the skin with tissue repair, is used as a complementary treatment with other anti-aging applications such as filler, b0t0x, radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

Youth potion is highly preferred by famous names because it has both 'protecting skin youth' and its therapeutic properties.

2- Under Eye Light Filling

The light filling that has emerged as a solution to under-eye bruises, which has become one of the skin problems that almost everyone complains, has taken its place among the most preferred applications of the aesthetic world.

The under-eye light filling, which eliminates the under-eye bruises that women especially strive to cover with makeup, provides a young, bright and healthy image to the eye area while removing the darkness, lines, and circles.

The light filling, which helps the eye contour to come to the fore while making the pale and tired look disappear on the skin without make-up, has become especially the favorite of Hollywood stars.

3- Sweating Treatment

Sweating Therapy, which emerged as a solution to the sweating problem, which is one of the situations that negatively affect social life, has taken its place among the most preferred b0t0x applications.

Especially preferred by men, this application helps you to move comfortably and quickly by minimizing the problem of sweating that lowers the quality of life.

It is possible to say goodbye to the regional sweating problem with this application preferred by people who have an excessive sweating problem.

4- Golden Needle

You may show signs of aging faster than usual over time due to environmental factors, unfavorable living conditions, and stress.

Our skin structure may change over time under the influence of all these factors, making us look tired, pale and older than we are.

The golden needle application, which we can define as the beauty potion of the young celebrities who look young despite their age, helps our skin to produce the moisture, collagen, and elastin they need.

It is possible to challenge the time and get a younger look than you are with the golden needle application known as the last point among non-surgical skin rejuvenation applications.

5- Teeth Grinding Botox

Tooth grinding, which is one of the common problems in every age group, is a health problem that causes serious problems in the tooth structure when not treated.

This problem, which usually occurs with the clenching and grinding reflex during sleep, is eliminated today with the application of b0t0x applied to the chewing and teething muscles.

Teeth grinding b0t0x is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations of recent times in order to prevent a more serious dental problem.

6- Cheekbone Filler

Thanks to today's evolving technological and scientific facilities, aesthetic operations can now be done much easier, painlessly and quickly.

Facial filling, with its successful and natural results, has become one of the most preferred applications in the world among the aesthetic procedures without surgery.

The lines become evident thanks to the cheekbones filling process, which is known as the secret of the plump cheekbones of Hollywood stars and gives the face a younger and healthier appearance.

It is possible to have a natural beauty with the cheekbone filling that has become one of the most preferred applications of recent times.

7- Butt Aesthetics

Today, many ways are being tried to reach the looks of women who are admired by everyone like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Sophia Loren.

Perhaps the most important reason why they draw so much attention is their hourglass-like appearance created by their thin waist and wide hips.

When we hear the term “plastic surgery”, many of us think; nasal aesthetics, breast enlargement or tummy tuck surgeries.

Well, did you think your hips could be better on the operating table? Because it is now possible!

Butt aesthetics applications, which is an ideal method to have the body you have always dreamed of, make your hip appearance curvier and the key to having a body that you will feel better in.

8- Breast Lift

You may not complain about the size of your breasts, but are you satisfied with the shape?

It is not that difficult to get the look you dream of thanks to the breast lift operation that has emerged for the answer to this question.

It is possible to get rid of sagging and shapeless appearance on the breasts thanks to this method, which is used as a solution to the sagging problem that occurs after breastfeeding especially during pregnancy.

The breast lift operation does not significantly change the breast size, but it corrects its shape and sagging condition.

Therefore, a more natural physical appearance can be obtained.

9- Ear Esthetics

Ear esthetics, which is one of the methods frequently used by people with discomfort due to the shape and posture of their ears, has taken its place among the most trending applications of recent times.

An ear esthetic procedure is done to improve the shape, size, position or ratio of the ears, it can correct a congenital defect in the ear structure or treat the deformities due to any impacts received by the ears.

Thus, it becomes possible to gain an esthetic ear appearance.

10- Tummy Tuck

A smooth and shapely abdominal region is everyone's dream.

Many people; spend a lot of time in gyms to achieve a flatter stomach goal.

However, even if the most intense diet, exercise, and sports are done, it may not be possible to achieve a "flatter stomach" goal.

Even in the most active people of normal body weight, a sagging, umbilical and protruding abdomen can form.

Abdominal stretching, which allows the abdominal area to get a firmer and flatter appearance, is one of the most preferred and long-lasting procedures recently.

Doku Medical Center, which is preferred by people who want to have these 10 treatment procedures that have taken the esthetic world by storm, continues to serve its guests with its expert and experienced doctor staff and dozens of employees.

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