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Hormonal fluctuations encountered by women, especially in the postpartum period, can damage the vagina tissue and cause urinary incontinence, vaginal odor, vaginal dryness, and sexual performance problems. Femilift produces alternative solutions to vaginal problems that negatively affect women's lives with an advanced technology that makes a difference in the world of esthetics.

A Special Touch for You

If you complain of urinary incontinence when you sneeze or laugh, start feeling uncomfortable with vaginal odor problems or feel pain during sexual intercourse you should know that all of these problems now have a non-surgical and reliable solution if you feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Before Femilift treatment, many women applied to vagina narrowing operations to prevent sexual performance problems and to have a more comfortable female life.

However, this narrowing process requiring a surgical operation frightened the women who experienced this problem and forced them to create alternative solutions to their problems.

However, the emergence of fast, easy and painless treatment with Femilift technology without requiring surgical operation has created a revolution in genital esthetics. What kind of treatment is Femilift, which brings a breath of fresh air to women's health problems after vaginal deformation? In this article, we will find the answer to this question.

Femilift Treatment

Femilift emerges as a fractional CO2 laser technology developed as a non-surgical solution to female problems reflected in sexual life. The basis of Femilift treatment is to strengthen existing collagen fibers in the vagina and to trigger new collagen formation. Thanks to this new collagen formation, the vaginal wall thickness and elasticity increase, and the relaxed canal becomes tight. With the stimulation to the mucosa, the secretion of the vagina tissue improves, the level of humidity increases, the problem of vaginal dryness disappears.

So how does Femilift do all this?

In the treatment of Femilift, high energy light energy is sent to the tissue by laser in columns. Femilift application causes thermal damage in the area where the energy reaches but does not affect the surrounding tissue.

Controlled thermal damage occurring in the vaginal tissue results in the tissue's self-renewal, that is, the healing process. Since new collagen production and connective remodeling are involved in the healing process, the vagina is self-renewing and returns to its natural balance.

Thus, the connective tissue support of the vagina walls increases; previously thinning tapered areas become stronger and thicker. The renewed vagina tissue is freed from previous infections and problems, and it provides the start of the womanly rebirth process.

Advantages of Femlilift Treatment

The most striking features of Femilift are that it is an outpatient procedure without affecting the patient's social life and without the need for anesthesia. If you do not want to be a surgical operation but cannot get rid of your vaginal complaints, Femilift can be an ideal solution for you. Because Femilift treatment helps the self-repair of vaginal tissue and does not harm healthy tissue in this process.

According to statistics, Femilift technology, which offers an alternative solution to many disturbing symptoms such as pain, itching, weight and looseness in the genital area seen in one of three women, provides a quick and effective solution that prevents women from maintaining their normal lifestyle by negatively affecting their quality of life.

Re-discover Your Femininity

The women who have experienced Femilift treatment stated that there was no trace of their recurrent infections after treatment, they observed a positive increase in orgasm levels during sexual intercourse and regained their self-confidence.

It is aimed to get rid of genital problems with this application, in which female problems are experienced intensely, but who are shy about treatment options, with almost no pain in this regard, without side effects and downtime.

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