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Despite being established in the year 2017, Doku Medical Center stands out as a healthcare facility backed up by decades of extensive experience.

The founder, Dr. Serkan Aygin, laid the foundation stone for Doku Medical Center with the comprehensive experience he has accumulated since 1996.

Born in 1968, Dr. Serkan Aygin completed his basic medical education in Çapa Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University. At the same University he pursued his chosen speciality in the field of dermatology, followed by a second specialty training in pharmacology.

The founding philosophy of Doku Medical Center: is to provide high-quality medical care supported by Turkey’s vast experience and knowledge acquired in the health field, to patients in a global environment.

Dr. Serkan Aygın has established Doku Medical Center bringing together highly qualified medical specialists, who have been practicing in their chosen field of specialization for many long years. Doku Medical Center aims to carry Turkey’s comprehensive knowledge in the medical field both in the sense of vision as well as institutional experience, onto the global platform.

Together with hair transplantation services offered under the leadership of Dr. Serkan Aygın, Doku Medical Center also provides health-care services in the fields of medical esthetics and cosmetic surgery.

With our dedicated team of doctors and hundred of employees, we aim to touch the heart of the world...

Thanks to our confident and persistent staff, there is no difficulty that we cannot handle. We owe our success in everything we do to our fast and boutique service and our hard work. As a highly motivated, expert and constructive team in the region we serve, we offer the best solutions to our valued customers and implement them.

For DOKU employees the patient comes first

As much as we respect our patients and their success, we feel the same towards society and the environment, and see ethical values as indispensable. As a company that has common sense and knows the responsibility of every step we take, we believe that a sustainable future is possible only through this. Apart from ordinary methods, our belief in perspectives and courageous initiatives adds strength to our strength as well as our customers'.

Our Mission

With services of the highest quality adhering to national and international standards, possessing ethic values and following international innovations we are a leading medical establishment exemplified by all others.

Our Vision

We aim to be one of the medical establishments to be renound worldwide with the service we provide, our team and our infrastructure.


It perceives all kinds of waste disposal as a loss of natural resources and develops methods to prevent pollution at its source, develops innovative solutions in its products and processes to combat climate change, educates its employees and uses continuous improvement tools to increase energy and water consumption, waste generation, water and air emissions, the company aims to minimize all risks and protect all human resources within the boundaries of the enterprise by creating a safe workplace and safety culture by using a proactive and simple occupational safety approach. Also aims to bring work related accidents and occupational illnesses to a zero by using the occupational health and safety management system. This enables the periodic review of aims and goals and the obtaining of information, specialists and economic resources necessary to reach them. It accepts compliance with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and ISO 10002: 2018 as the basic requirement in all of its legal and other requirements. It develops its employees with a human-oriented approach and adopts the company culture that considers quality awareness and questioning perspective in every activity. It ensures continuous development with the goal of competitiveness to ensure that the standards in the entire value chain are world-class. Together with all its partners, it fulfills the requirements of its social responsibilities and provides services in a way to support sustainable natural resource use.

Our main objective is to meet the demands and expectations of our customers and to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

In accordance with this purpose:

-As a customer satisfaction policy, all feedback received through different communication channels is seen as a gift.
-Our Customer Satisfaction Management System is managed in accordance with the following principles.
- Accessibility,
- Objectivity,
- Traceability,
- Accountability,
- Compliance with legal regulations,
- Compliance with customer focus criteria.

In this respect, we are committed to continuously improving our sensitivity to the resolution of complaints, to follow up customer complaints until all reasonable solutions are exhausted or to ensure customer satisfaction, to control our performance with the determined indicators and to realize a sustainable improvement and customer satisfaction focused approach without compromising the TS ISO 10002 principles.

Doku Tıp Merkezi Hair Transplantation Service - Doku Medical Center


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant, DHI Hair Transplant and other hair transplantation services offered for many long years at Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic is now incorporated into Doku Medical Center.

Medical Esthetics - Doku Medical Center


Various esthetic dermatological procedures ranging from nonsurgical facial-skin anti-aging applications to laser skin revitalization treatments are offered at the Medical Esthetic Division of Doku Medical Center.

Esthetics & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery - Doku Medical Center


At the Esthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Doku Medical Center we also offer a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, nose and breast.

Dermatology - Doku Medical Center


Fungal skin infections, acne treatment and monitoring, allergic eczema, mole treatment and management, are the areas of specialization within our Department.


Vectra 3D Modelling

The esthetic world's distinctive applications have gained a new dimension with the advancement of technology.

With 3D Vectra technology, the expected results of the desired aesthetic application can be designed and transferred to the patient with the three-dimensional imaging system.

The Vectra system is a technology that allows the most realistic results to be designed in 3D after the application.

3D Vectra technology prepares a 3D model of you by using computer-aided programs to see the application process, this way you can get your before and after photos in the truest form.

When the application is displayed on your next three-dimensional model with Vectra, you have the opportunity to make changes according to your wishes and see the results of your expectations.

Together with Vectra technology, you can take an active role in the planning process of the application and it allows you to design the ideal result perfect for you.

3D Vectra technology is the most modern technology and guidance tool to patients who want to benefit from plastic surgery and various medical esthetic applications.

During the modeling process with the 3D Vectra device, your physician can determine the treatment options to help treat problems detected on the skin and its layers based on the images he sees in this simulation and analysis.

They can advise you on the most appropriate treatment and offer a variety of treatment options.

3D Vectra technology captures 36 megapixel color photos at the same time with 6 cameras positioned at different angles.

By using these photographs, it creates a 3D model of the patient with special computer software and enables digital editing of the requested changes in the application process.

As a result of this digital editing, you get the opportunity to see the expected result with excitement by getting your 3D image before the application.

Us In The Press

The Big Club x Doku Medical Centre - 2019

The Big Club x Doku Medical Centre - 2019

Turkey's oldest social club "Cercle d'Orient" or "The Big Club" as it's more commonly known, celebrated it's 137th birthday in cooperation with Doku Medical Centre. With members including many senior military and government personnel, politicians, businessmen and artists, The Big Club celebrated it's 137th anniversary with a performance by the famous artist Ferhat Göçer. The year of establishment ball started with an opening speech by the Big Club's Chairman of the Board Gündüz Kaptanoğlu.

The Big Club, one of Turkey's largest and most important social establishments, gave Dr. Serkan Aygın, the founder of Doku Medical Centre, a plate at their 137th birthday celebration. Stating; 'We'd like to thank Doku Medical Centre and it's executives for sponsoring our ball.' The Big Club celebrated the anniversary of it's establishment with Doku Medical Centre guests.


L'Officiel x Doku Medical Centre - 2019

L'Officiel x Doku Medical Centre - 2019

One of Turkey's most prestigious magazines, L'Officiel Turkey, celebrated its 7th birthday in cooperation with Doku Medical Centre. In attendance at L'Officiel Turkey's 7th birthday, hosted at Çırağan Palace Kempinski's venue The47 Music & Drinks, were şeading names in art, fashion and television. During the celebration Alya and her incredible stage show took everyone on a little journey back to the 90's. At this special event Doku Medical Centre CEO Melda Aygın made a closing speech and personally congratulated L'Officiel Turkey and expressed her happiness about this cooperation. Guests at the event used the hashtag #LOfficielxDokuTipMerkezi to share photos on their social media accounts and had enjoyable moments all night.

CNN TÜRK - Our Job Is Esthetics program - 2019

CNN TÜRK - Our Job Is Esthetics program - 2019

Doku Medical Centre doctors Dr. Serkan Aygın, Dr. Şerafettin Saraçoğlu and Prof. Dr. Aydın Saray were invited on ot the CNN Türk program 'Our Job is Esthetics' to discuss innovations in the field of esthetics and beauty and answer popular questions.

Necklaces of Goodness with Ayşe Arman - 2019

Necklaces of Goodness with Ayşe Arman - 2019

As part of her " a feminine touch on goodness" project, Ayşe Arman visited the Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic and Doku Medical Centre. The main purpose of this visit was to draw attention to our center which adds beauty to business life with a feminine touch and to show that the presence of women in working life brings out goodness and beauty. She also had a small conversation on innovations in hair transplants on her profile. She also brought to her agenda the people that come to our clinic from over 150 countries around the world for hair transplants, why they chose us and womens contributions to these numbers. As a result, being part of this project aimed at boosting the contribution of women in Turkish business life has been an important reference for us.

As part of this project, we support the @acilyardımhattı (emergency helpline) established by the president of Turkish Womens' Association Federation.

Magazine Reporters Association 24th Golden Objective Award - 2019

Magazine Reporters Association 24th Golden Objective Award - 2019

The Magazine Reporters Association 24th Golden Objective awards were presented under the sponsorship of Doku Medical Centre. The Golden Objective Awards began with a red carpet ceremony andmany names from theatre, music, press, cinema and television got awards. Founders of Doku Medical Centre Dr. Serkan Aygın and Melda Aygın, who presented the winners with their awards at the organization, were then presented with a plate for Doku Medical Centre by The Magazine Reporters Association president Okan Sarıkaya.

Us In The Press - 2019

Us In The Press - 2019

During 2019 there have been tens of pieces in various magazines about the innovations at Doku. These pieces were about our innovative new treatments in the field of esthetic dermatology. Some examples of these technologies are; Emsculpt, which burns fat while making muscle and Endolift, which allows wrinkles to be treated non surgically with results normally acheived with surgery.

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