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Acne in the medical language is known as adolescent acne among people. It is seen more frequently in girls, and boys between the ages of 11-15 and 13-18, respectively. There are also middle-aged forms of acne. It is a kind of inflammation which is seen in prominent regions of the body as a result of poorly functioning sebaceous glands, and hair follicles (roots).The bacteria called Propionibacterium acnea involve in the formation of acnea. Genetic factors also play a role in the development of a certain type of acne that we call nodulocystic acne. It is important to treat acne timely and effectively because it leaves an undesired skin mark if left untreated.

Acne treatment is regulated by the severity of the lesion:

  • It is sufficient to reduce skin fat and prevent bacterial growth in mild acne.
  • In moderate acne, systemic antibiotics can be added as well as local treatment such as creams, gels, lotions to reduce skin fat.
  • In resistant and nodulocystic acne vitamin A derivative capsules are used at certain doses and for a limited period together with blood controls.

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