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The main aim in b0t0x applications is to provide a younger and attractive looking facial expression by removing or reducing the existing or potential wrinkles without affecting the facial expression. B0t0x injections are used to reduce the forehead lines, crow's foot around the eyes, wrinkles between the eyebrows, bunny lines on the sides of the nose, and smoker lines on upper lips; to lift the eyebrow or droopy eyelid, to make the jaw line visible, to correct the oval configuration of the head, and to reduce the orange peel appearance of the chin. B0t0x applications are also used to relieve regional sweating problems.

B0t0x application points and their doses differ between both genders. It is important to protect the facial expression of the male patient, otherwise a feminine facial expression may be seen. Therefore, it is very important to choose a physician who is experienced in b0t0x applications

B0t0x treatment of forehead lines

Forehead lines may display the face older, more tired and sad. This expression may occur independently of age. It is possible to reduce or eliminate the forehead lines with the b0t0x injected into several points on the forehead. The most important point that should be considered when removing forehead wrinkles is to apply the accurate dose of b0t0x to the right points on the forehead of the patient. Otherwise eyebrows may droop or cause a feeling of weight bearing on the upper eyelids.

B0t0x Treatment of Crow’s Foot Around Eye Contour

Wrinkles around the eyes called crow’s foot is the most important facial lines that cause our face to look old. It is possible to significantly reduce these lines with b0t0x application. In this application, our main aim is to reduce the wrinkles of the person to a very reasonable level without eliminating the natural countenance of the face to achieve younger looking eye contour with decreased wrinkles.

B0t0x Treatment for Glabellar Lines

Frown lines are important facial expressions giving the face an angry, fierce and tired appearance. During the day they may remain involuntarily contracted. With b0t0x application the area between the eyebrows widens, angry expression is reduced, and we achieve a younger countenance with softened facial lines. In the presence of deep lines on the area of application, in addition to botulinum toxin treatment, hyaluronic acid containing filling materials may be applied on the wrinkled region.

Brow lift with B0t0x Treatment

The cocked eyebrow that is compatible with the face gives it a more youthful and attractive look. However, an individual with droopy eyebrows gives the impression of a sad, tired and aged person. B0t0x is an effective application for eyebrow shaping without surgical intervention. With the injection of b0t0x into 1/3 lateral part of the eyebrow, we aim to reshape a more youthful and vivid eyebrow.

Nose tip lift with B0t0x (Nonsurgical nose job)

In some people tip of the nose may bend down when talking or laughing. This condition may be annoying. We can make the nose tip rise to five degrees in appropriate cases thanks to the b0t0x injections made into the muscle that pulls down the nose tip.

B0t0x Application for Bunny Lines (lines on the sides of the nose)

We apply b0t0x to remove the bunny lines that may appear on the sides of the nose when we smile. It is possible to get rid of these lines with botulinum toxin injected into two appropriate points.

Treatment of smoker’s lines with b0t0x

In smokers or those who use their lips very much when talking the lines that occur as a result of a decrease in the volume of the skin and its elastic support tissue (mustache area) over time may also be disturbing. As a solution, we can inject low doses of b0t0x into the right points. In this application, it is very important to determine the dose and the injection points. Otherwise, lip movements can be adversely affected leading to involuntary movements of lips, speech disorders, difficulties in eating. In some patients, applications of fillers may be required in addition to b0t0x injections. It is possible to provide esthetic lip contours in indicated patients using an appropriate treatment method.

B0t0x treatment of Gummy smile

Appearance of gums when smiling more often in people with shorter upper lips has been perceived as an esthetic problem. We also benefit from botulinum toxin treatment to remedy this problem. Small doses of botulinum toxin injections, usually into the muscles that lift the lip upwards, restrict the upward movement of the lip and provide the desired esthetic improvement.

B0t0x injections for lip sagging

Lips are one of the areas that firstly strike our eyes and have an important place in esthetic perception. The droopy lips gives a sad, tired, anxious expression to the face. Some people use the muscles that pull down the lip too much without realizing. Bringing the lip line back to normal position provides a distinct esthetic improvement in facial expression. We use b0t0x injections to eliminate the sad expression on the face .

B0t0x treatment of orange peel appearance of the chin

Chin is an important esthetic point of the face. In some people due to excessive use of the chin muscle, an orange peel appearance is observed when it contracts , and in the long-term it can cause esthetic problems by increasing number of wrinkles. In this case b0t0x application offers us a significant advantage. Reducing the movement of the chin muscle, removes the lines around the jaw, making the jaw look longer and smoother, giving it a more esthetic appearance.

Jawline Marking with B0t0x treatment

The platysma muscle more prominently seen in thin individuals is a muscle group that extends from the jaw line to the chest.The contraction of this muscle reduces the prominence of the jaw line. When spelling the letter “ E , or showing our lower teeth, and making a disgusting gesture we use this muscle.. It is possible to make the jaw line more marked with the injection of b0t0x into this muscle group which we use mostly during the day without recognizing, and decrease the vertical lines on the neck region.

Slimmer Oval Face with B0t0x Treatment

Masseter (chewing)muscle is one of the areas where we inject b0t0x to maintain or recover triangular shape of our face. In some people, the masseter muscle may become too large due to structural factors or excessive use. In this case, the face assumes a square shape. Injection of b0t0x. is the most effective way to treat this condition With repeated applications, a significant improvement is observed in oval shape of the face Thus with b0t0x application : the face may regain its youthful appearance

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