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In the case of lack of growth or loss of hair in men's mustache, beard and sideburns, implantation is performed. Hair roots are transferred from the nape to the regions where mustache, beard and sideburns will be implanted. Only FUE method should be applied for the implantations of beard, mustache, and sideburns. Indeed, the results of the FUT method are not satisfactory. Grafts should be taken with 0.6-0.7 mm punches. The only solution for the problems as wound mark, surgical scar, burn marks, and hair loss is implantation Even in patients without any growth of mustache, implantations of beard, and sideburn hairs yield successful results.

Beard Transplantation

The hair roots taken from the nape area by the FUE method are implanted in the mustache, beard and sideburn regions. This procedure should be done by a professional and experienced team. The angle of planting in the face area is important. When 500-1.000 grafts (hair roots) are implanted in a person without mustache, generally his beardless image disappears . In beard planting 1.000 to 2.500 grafts (hair roots) are implanted in beard, for sideburns 750 -,500 grafts (root) are implanted. İf FUE method is used for the planting of mustache, beard, and sideburn, it looks so natural that even your barber can not understand.

Donor , and recipient sites used during the implantation of mustache, beard, and sideburns are washed after 3 days. After washing, the implanted beard hairs become visible and a 2-3 day-stubble image is seen. After 6-7 days the preexisting pinkish appearance disappears. Any trace of the grafts (hair follicles) taken from arms, legs, chest or back is not left behind.. After 3 weeks, there may be a temporary shedding of some of the implanted beard and mustache hairs. Four to six months after the temporary shedding all of the shedded hairs come out again. The increase in the quality of hair roots is maintained for up to 2 years.

Planted hair roots may grow over time in the region of the mustache. Men can also cut hairs on the implantation area during normal shaving process. The beard, sideburns and mustache that continue to grow after implantation can be cut or trimmed with scissors after 8-9 days. The first shaving should preferably be done 8-9 later to allow sufficient time for the roots to stick strongly to the skin Implantation of beard, mustache and sideburn hairs is done by local anesthesia that does not cause any pain or swelling Implantation of beard, mustache and sideburn hairs should be performed by an attentive and professional team. You should take care of your gestures in a 1-week period after implantation.

You should not move your face too much while eating. Within the first few days we recommend that you consume nutrients prepared as liquid drinks and puree. On the 7th day your last dressing is done and you get your natural appearance. You can get answers to all your questions in DOKU Medical Center.

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