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With the development of the changing society and technology, the sedentary lifestyle and eating habits have also changed. Depending on the causes of stress and external factors, various cracks, depressions and marks develops on the human skin. Although conventional stretch mark treatments provide noticeable improvements in streaks at smaller scales, it appears to be insufficient in deeper stretch marks.

Bi-One (Biodermagenesi Stretch Mark Treatment)

Bi-One (Biodermagenesi Stretch Mark Treatment)

Bi-One treatment, also known as Biodermagenesi, is one of the most advanced stretch mark treatments revealed by researches continuing for nearly 15 years. It heals the stretch marks in most of the cases. It provides more than 80% success in filling the stretch mark, and the lesion becomes almost invisible at the end of the treatment.

Basically, the fundamental minerals such as potassium and sodium, which the cells need, are pumped by biocompatible magnetic field therapy. A positive current is used when achieving this result. It also detoxifies the negative current side and destroys the harmful cell units.

This treatment shows its effect at every session. Although the first session usually leads to the most dramatic change, it is also naturally possible to achieve more success with subsequent sessions.

After the treatment, the cell intakes necessary nutrients and regains its own smoother texture.

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