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Women attach importance to their appearance. For this reason, they resort to various esthetic operations from time to time. The shape of the arms is an important problem, especially for those who gain and lose greater amounts of weight. Predominantly women do not wish to have sagging arms, which appear very bad during their daily life. In addition, those who do not do too much engage in sportive activities the sagging of arm skin may be seen. The appearance of sagging in the arms called as "bat wing", the skin cracks, the swelling of the arm and the accumulation of fat deposits under the armpit are the subjects of the complaint.

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

Among the major problems of women are the hanging arm skin. This makes women unhappy. The technique arm lift surgery is determined by considering sagging rate of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. If the person loses excess weight and skin becomes loose, then the skin may be very thick. In such cases, firstly “liposuction “is performed. After this procedure, the abundant skin is removed by surgical procedures. In some people the skin sagging is present just under the armpits. In these cases, the intervention is performed under the armpit and the scar is limited to the underarm. In some people, this skin abundance extends from the armpit to the elbow. Then, a longitudinal scar on the inner side of the arm is left after the surgery.

Arm Lift Surgery and What Should be Considered After Surgery?

In arm lift surgery local and general anesthesia is performed. This operation is performed under hospital settings. The operation is completed between 1.5 and 2 hours. People who received local anesthesia during arm lift surgery may be discharged from the hospital on the same day. People operated under general anesthesia may normally be required to stay in hospital overnight.

Patients need to pay attention after arm lift surgery to the following points.

1) For the first two days after the surgery, the operated arm should not be get contact with water.

2) Special arm corsets or elastic bandages are used on postoperative days.

3) The arms should be held above the heart level.

The surgical incision is closed with closed esthetic sutures. These sutures need not to be removed. Sportive activities should be started 4 or 6 weeks after surgery.
The scars left on the arms after surgery are not the same in every patient. These skin marks are more pronounced in some patients. For this reason, the patient's arm movements should be limited for a period of time to prevent the widening of the scars. Arm lift surgeries can be performed considering the conditions stated in the above paragraphs.

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