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Varices are known especially as a problem of enlargement of the veins in the face and legs. The red-colored capillaries manifest a very disturbing appearance for the patient . These varicose veins should be treated from the perspective of health, and for esthetic considerations.

How is Laser Treatment Applied for Varicose Capillary Veins? Is General Anesthesia Necessary?

Broken Capillaries Treatment

Many treatments are performed by laser. One of these treatments is laser capillary vascular therapy. The capillary problems that occur in many parts of the face and body are treated with laser with successful treatment results. After the application, the person can return home. No anesthesia is needed. During the treatment, some veins disappear immediately, and some of them disappear within 4-8 weeks as a result of darkening of their color. At the end of the application, the skin is soothed with creams that provide relief from the damage caused by this procedure. It is recommended that you protect your skin from the exposure to sun after the procedure. Usually 1-2 sessions are sufficient for laser capillary treatment. The duration and sessions of treatment vary according to the condition of the varicose veins.

What conditions should be paid attention to before laser treatment?

It is not advisable to expose yourself to sunlight after treatment. The use of protective creams is important for your skin. Very hot shower should be avoided after the treatment.

How does the period after laser capillary vascular treatment pass? Is the procedure painful? Is it necessary to wear a special outfit?

During the treatment of varicose capillary veins , perceptible pain is felt. In case of mild pain, anesthetic creams are used. After treatment, skin redness and scabbing may occur. Following the treatment, tanning in solarium is not recommended.

You should avoid exposing to sunlight or tanning in solarium for a few weeks , and protect your skin from harmful effects by using sun creams

Bathing in hot water is not suitable after treatment.

Does laser treatment of varicose capillary veins require hospitalization?

It may be necessary to stay in hospital for one day because some treatments are more invasive for the patient. Your doctor may extend the period of treatment dependent on the condition of your varicose veins.

When does a patient return to his/her routine social life after laser Treatment of Varicose Capillary Veins?

Treatment cannot intervene with your social life, and you can return home after the procedure.

When do the results of the laser treatment of varicose capillary veins become manifest?

After the treatment of varicose leg veins, treatment sessions are performed at 3-6 month-intervals for a long time. Meanwhile, the veins slowly begin to heal. Duration of sessions may be prolonged if necessary. Waiting till the last session and prolonging the laser capillary therapy sessions will be decided by the physician dependent on the patient's condition.

What is the technique used in laser capillary vein treatment and how it is done?

Varices commonly known as capillary enlargement, may generally emerge in overweight women, in alcohol users and in some diseases. Since the varicose veins experienced after pregnancy cause ugly appearance, many women are afraid to wear skirts. In addition to small varices, varicose veins, which are larger in diameter are removed by Doppler US technique. For smaller capillaries with a diameter of 2-3 mm, intravenous drugs are injected and the body destroy these varicose capillaries within a short time.

After the treatment, bandage is wrapped around the region where laser capillary treatment is applied. In some treatment modalities sessions are repeated. The treatment known as sclerotherapy is one of them. Compression socks/stockings should be worn after the treatment. Treatment yields successful results. Side effects are extremely minimal In sclerotherapy leakage of the drugs injected into varicose veins may cause discoloration of the skin. Swelling and bruising may occur during treatment, but they will disappear within a short time.

What is the duration of laser capillary treatment ? What should be done after the treatment?

Pain can be felt during the laser treatment of capillaries . Your physician recommends wearing compression socks/stockings during the course of the treatment.

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