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Nowadays, esthetic operations can be performed much easier and faster without causing pain thanks to the scientific and technological opportunities that have been developed even more over the years. With its successful and natural outcomes, non-surgical esthetic procedures, especially the application of facial fillers, has become one of the most preferred applications all over the world.

Cheekbone enhancement through the utilization of dermal fillers, is a very effective, and outstanding application in facial esthetics that adds a natural beauty to the individual and considerably changes his/her profile. Sunken cheekbones due to genetic factors, excessive weight loss and aging make our face look more tired, unhealthy and sad than it is. Having outstanding and prominent cheekbones make our skin appear firmer and our face look younger.

What are the Advantages of Cheek Enhancement?

  • The filling material injected into the cheekbones creates a fullness in the application area as well as rejuvenates the face with its lifting effect
  • It makes cheekbone lines more prominent and renders the face a younger and healthier appearance
  • The dimples in the cheek due to tissue loss, are filled and become more voluminous.
  • Skin laxity extending to the chin and the nasolabial lines between lips and the nose are treated.
  • The bruises and pits under the eyes are reduced, so the shape of the nose becomes more prominent, and balance between the forehead and the protrusion of the chin is maintained.

What is Cheek Enhancement?

With cheekbone esthetics, our target is to achieve compatibility between the facial features and the nose line, and to fill the dimples of the cheekbone area, and make it appear more voluminous by subdermal injection of the filling material.

Hyaluronic acid- based filling material is frequently used as a dermal cheekbone filler. It is a natural constituent of the skin and stands out with its skin rejuvenating and reconstructive properties.

Following the application of an anesthetic cream, the filling material to be used in the procedure is injected into the subcutaneous supportive tissue or if volume increase is desired, it is placed on the bone tissue. After an average of 15-20 minutes of treatment, any adverse effects such as an allergic condition, pain, edema, swelling or bruising are not expected and the individual can easily return to his/her daily life or work.

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