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Emsculpt Ⓡ

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Non-invasive Buttock Procedure

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Reveal A Toned Body with EmsculptⓇ

EmsculptⓇ which was introduced in the year 2018 by one of the world’s most recognized brands in the field of medical therapies, is a special device that enhances your figure by increasing muscle tone while decreasing body fat. As a matter of fact, it's the world's only non-surgical procedure to efficiently build your muscles. It is based on the principle of burning body fat without any surgical intervention by stimulating muscular contractions. In this way, both body fat is reduced and a toned body is obtained. All medical devices used in DOKU Medical Center is FDA approved. It also has CE Certification. The effectiveness of this treatment has been approved by 6 independent medical institutes in the United States. While all known devices focus directly on fat reduction, EmsculptⓇ also improves muscle tone. EmsculptⓇ causes intense destruction of fat cells, while simultaneously building new muscle fibers and produces a slimmer, stronger, as well as well-defined abdomen and buttocks. " This device that essentially targets these two main areas of the body, stimulates muscle contractions with each session it is applied. " When it is applied for 30 minutes, it causes muscle contractions that corresponds to 20.000 squats on the buttocks, or 20.000 sit-ups when applied to the abdomen region. Body mobility achieved by one session is maintained for 2-3 days due to the stimulation of muscle contractions. 2-3 days following the treatment you will still be feeling its effects. As the body adapts to the rhythm of muscle contractions with repeated sessions, blood circulation also improves. After a series of 4-6 treatments with EmsculptⓇ, you will notice increased muscle tone. The treatment creates a firming as well as lifting effect around the buttocks and adds more definition in the abdominal region. While other treatments within the medical field offer fat reduction through surgical augmentation, this treatment eliminates unwanted fat and builds muscle through a non-invasive, non-surgical and no pain approach. EmsculptⓇ burns fat and tones muscles which are crucial components for improving body composition.

Who is a Good Candidate for EmsculptⓇ?A Pain-Free Application

As the treatment only uses a series of different patterns of muscle contractions to stimulate muscle work, anyone can benefit from the treatment.

A Pain-Free Application

Emsculpt Ⓡ uygulamasının en önemli özelliklerinden biri de bu yoğun aktiviteyi bir seansta insan vücuduna uygulamış olmasına karşın işlem sonrasında hissedeceğiniz tek şey yoğun spor yapmış hissidir. İyileşme süreci gibi bir durum da söz konusu olmaz. İşinize devam edebilirsiniz.

What Results Are Typical Following EmsculptⓇ?

Although individuals with thicker fat stores may require more sessions to achieve their desired body shape, they can still begin to enjoy the results of Emsculpt® after their first session. Patients can feel tangible results right after the procedure. However, it takes two-to-four weeks after their last treatment to see noticeable changes in the body. Results can continue to improve up to a year following the procedure.

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