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People who look beautiful tend to have a smoother skin texture and prominent features in common. The signs of skin aging disrupts the smooth appearance and prominent features of the face. As our skin ages, it loses elasticity, which, in turn, makes it appear more saggy and wrinkled. Wrinkled facial features constitute the foremost, and the biggest esthetic problems of both men and women.

​ENDOlift may be used asa treatment to tighten loose skin on the face, jaw, neck, under-eye bags, and in other sagging areas of the skin. In this nonsurgical method, with a tip of the microfiber at the thickness of a hair strand, sagging under the skin is intervened.

ENDOlift is a laser application that combines skin rejuvenation with face shaping. Fibers driven through vectorial micro tunnels in the opposite direction of gravity, do not leave any scarring after the process. With this FDA -approved application the result is visible in just minutes. This application which is performed with air cooling does not require anesthesia, and it is much easier to perform ENDOlift when compared with conventional surgical applications.

ENDOlift is an application that can enter under the skin with a microfiber only at a thickness of a hair strand (200 or 300 microns), so it leaves almost no trace after intervention. It is a laser lifting application that transmits energy at a wavelength of 1470 nm. It is applied in the opposite direction of gravity. The application is completed within minutes and the result can be observed.

After ENDOlift application:

  • The skin facilitates a lipolytic response and the fat deposits that cause loose skin, disappear
  • Recovery is observed in saggings related to fat deposits.
  • Collagenous tissue starts to form on the application area. Thus, the skin begins to renew itself.
  • Metabolic functions of the extracellular matrix are activated.
  • The amount of localized excess fat tissue decreases. Skin tightens.
  • Skin tightens.
  • The jaw line and face contour become more defined.


  • No anesthesia is required, only air cooling is sufficient.
  • Long- lasting effect.
  • One-session treatment is sufficient.
  • No incisions, no scarring
  • No bleeding or bruising
  • It is an easy procedure that can be performed in a clinical setting.
  • No recovery time needed after treatment.

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