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Fractional laser is a reliable skin rejuvenating application with only short-term labor loss. Fractional laser is a laser peeling method which can be used safely even for the darkest skin as well as light skin. In the same way, this method is used for cosmetic correction of skin cracks and skin wrinkles and skin renewal.

Is Fractional Laser Application Painful?

Before the fractional laser treatment, local anesthetic cream is applied. on the tretaed area. Ice is also applied during and after the procedure. In this way, lesser pain is felt.

How Long Does the Fractional Laser Application Take?

The procedure is completed within 20-60 minutes. However, the skin needs to be soothed for about an hour after the procedure. That is, the an average of two hours must be reserved for the process.

What are the Indications of Fractional Laser Therapy?

  • Wrinkles,
  • Enlarged skin pores,
  • Acne and acne scars,
  • Irregularity and looseness in the skin structure,
  • Surgical scars,
  • Wound, and surgical scars,
  • Cut marks,
  • Burn marks,
  • Light photodamage,
  • Fat deposits around the eyes,
  • Small benign skin masses.

How Long Does the Fractional Laser Affect Work and Social Life?

The procedure causes redness and crusting lasting for 5-10 days.The patient return to his/her work and social life by using occlusive dressings.

When Are The Results of Laser Therapy Revealed?

After the application, there may be a slight redness and swelling in the skin. The swelling regresses within 24-48 hours. Redness also fades within the same period similar. Three-six days after disappearance of the redness, the skin peels off.The first effect is a smoother, and softer appearance of the skin. But the actual result is established within 4-6 months after repeated sessions. The skin needs time to produce collagen.

Who can not undergo fractional laser?

  • The patients with active infection and inflammation of the skin
  • The patients who have used systemic isotretinoin within previous 6 months
  • Pregnant women

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