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Nowadays, many women get help from esthetic applications to improve the appearance of the genital area. The number of vaginoplasty, labioplasty and other genital esthetic applications has increased significantly in recent years. According to a recent study, the number of genital esthetic operations within the last 5 years has increased by 49%.

Genital esthetic surgery is the newest and fastest developing area of ​​gynecology. It encompasses surgical; procedures designed to modify the esthetic or functional aspects of the genital area. Although many procedures are performed within the context of genital esthetics, the most common procedures are vaginal tightening, labia minora reduction, clitoral hood reduction and vaginoplasty.

What are the consequences of internal lip (labia minor) sagging?

Everyone's facial features, body type and skin color are different. The female genital area known as vulva also varies from person to person. The vulva contains lips. The large lips are known as labia majora and the inner lips as labia minora.

In most women, the inner lips are not symmetrical. It is therefore not unusual for one of the lips to be larger, thicker or longer than the other. Either way, it does not mean that you have a medical problem.

Most women do not have any problems because of the size or shape of their lips. If there is a slight sagging of the lip, you may not notice it. However, the inner lips are more sensitive than the outer lips. Therefore, in the case of inner lips, you may experience pain and some problems with compression in clothes.

What are the reasons of structural change in inner lips?

One of your legs may be longer than the other. Probably, your inner and outer lips in your genital area will not be exactly the same. There is no such thing as a correct size for the inner lips. The reason for the structural change in the inner lips is not always clear.

Causes may include the following:

  • Genetic factors,
  • Changes experienced during adolescence,
  • Increase in estrogen levels,
  • Blood flow to the genital area during pregnancy may increase pressure, which may cause structural changes in the region,
  • In some cases, the inner lips may develop due to infection or trauma in the area.

Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening)

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that relieves vaginal laxity. It tightens the vagina, the surrounding and soft tissues.

Expansion and relaxation can occur in the vagina after birth. This situation naturally causes vaginal dysfunction. The vaginal tightening operation is one of the most common operations that women who complain about this condition undergo with the aim of improving functions and esthetic appearance of the vagina.
The most common risks of vaginal tightening surgery are; bleeding, infection, and scarring, but they are not very frequently seen. During the surgical procedure, bleeding is controlled, stopped and antibiotics are given to prevent infection. During vaginoplasty, scarring is rarely seen.

Recovery Period after Vaginoplasty

As with all surgeries, you will be asked to follow some rules after the treatment to accelerate the healing process. Patients are advised not to lift heavy objects. During the recovery period, you are asked not to enter the pool and to avoid bathing in the bathtub. 6 weeks after surgery, you can return to your normal activities. Also, do not forget to use the medication your doctor gave.

What will you gain from Genital Esthetic Surgery?

  • Genital esthetic surgery is based entirely on individual needs and different alternatives exist to fulfill their needs.
  • Esthetic applications restore firmness and functionality to the vagina
  • The overall appearance of the treated area improves visually.
  • These operations also help to improve existing medical conditions such as urinary incontinence.
  • Genital rejuvenation can give you back the confidence you lost as a result of your vaginal problems.

Increased confidence in oneself after genital esthetic surgery provides a better quality of life and improved self-esteem.

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