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One of the common problems of both women and men is unwanted hair on the body. Excessive hairiness in the body; It can be hereditary and hormonal as well as it can occur due to various medications used.

A permanent solution cannot be obtained with the razor, rope, tweezers and chemical hair removal in the net used to get rid of unwanted hair and these options can cause thickening and darkening of the hair follicles. The purpose of laser hair removal, approved by the FDA (American Health Organization), is to change the function of stem cells that produce hair.

What Is Laser Hair Removal

The fastest and healthiest method to get rid of unwanted hair is laser epilation. The basis of laser epilation application is the application of laser energy to the hair roots by applying it to the skin. The hair follicles absorb this laser energy and because of this heat energy, the roots disappear or lose their elongation.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Before the laser treatment, the area is cleaned of any deodorant or other cosmetics with a wet towel. The hairs in the area are shaven. To save time on other sessions the person may shave the hairs a couple of days before the procedure.

The laser epilation application procedure starts with specialist evaluation, doctors will examine the area to be treated by hair and skin type. As a result of the examination, the condition of laser epilation, possible results and side effects are said to the person. After the appropriate laser epilation device and dose is determined, the laser epilation process is started.

The laser rays produced in the laser device are applied to the skin with a hand tool. An area of 15 mm in diameter is scanned with one shot at a time. People who perform and have laser epilation procedures should wear safety glasses during the procedure.

The rays applied to the skin are held by the dye substance called melanin, which is in the structure of the hair and gives it its color. The retained light energy turns into heat energy in the hair. The heat transmitted to the hair root destroys the hair root in a millisecond.

During this short time, it feels like being pricked with a pin and the hair roots may swell and get red. These show that the hairs are being affected. With air and contact cooling during the procedure, the skin is protected and pain and side effects are brought to a minimum. During cooling, redness, and swelling subside.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

It is very important to choose the appropriate laser type in the laser epilation application. The laser types used for epilation are 3 types. It is important to start laser epilation with the correct laser type.

Before the application, expert doctors should decide which laser method is suitable for the person by evaluating the skin and hair structure. With this evaluation, the success rate expected from epilation increases and the possibility of side effects decreases.

Devices are named in terms of light wavelengths in nm . These are: Diode Laser Hair Removal, Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal, Nd: Yag Laser Hair Removal

Diode Laser Hair Removal

“Diode laser” is a laser therapy management aimed at reducing unwanted hair. Since the wavelength of the Diode laser is longer than other laser methods, effective results are obtained, which vary depending on the treatment time even on dark-colored skin.

The Diode laser has a wavelength of 810 nm. This wavelength goes deeper in the skin than Alexandrite laser. It is more effective to penetrate deep into the skin and in areas with deep hair. The Diode laser can be applied comfortably even on dark skin as its wavelength is long.

Alexandrite Laser Epilation

Alexandrite laser, which is a practical and effective method, can only be used on open skin types due to its technical features. The removal of hairs from the surface immediately after the treatment increases the satisfaction after the application.

This laser system works very well for correctly chosen people. However, in risky areas such as the face, it can cause hair growth instead of hair reduction. The back, shoulder and arm areas are among the regions where this laser has low efficiency.

Nd: Yag Laser Epilation

It is a system developed for very dark skin types. Being rather painful, it restricts the usage area of this laser compared to the other two lasers. It is a rarely used laser in very carefully selected situations.

There is no concept of the best laser system. The use of all laser epilation systems according to the location is suitable for obtaining good results.

Duration of Laser Hair Removal Sessions

The duration and amount of sessions needed with laser hair removal depend on the structure and colour of the hair, and skin colour. With thick hair 4-6 sessions are usually enough but for some areas, 8-12 sessions may be needed.

Areas Laser Hair Removal Can Be Applied

Laser Hair Removal can essentially be applied to any area with hair follicles.

The most commonly administered areas are: Face, Ear and Neck region, Arms and Armpits, Bikini line and Genital region, Hands, Feet and Legs, Back and hip region, Buttock region.

Situations Where Laser Hair Removal Can't Be Administered

Laser epilation is a procedure that can be applied to healthy women and men, including pregnant women, without any problems in the first four months of pregnancy.

In the presence of active infection in the treatment area

In the new sunbathing

In patients with an allergic response to the laser wavelength to be used, the application is inconvenient.

Things to Consider Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The best response in laser epilation is obtained with light, thick and dark hairs of the skin color. Colorless and red hairs are not affected by laser epilation.

Artificial light sources such as sunbathing or solarium should be avoided 15 days before the procedure.

Hair removal methods such as waxing or rope should be left 4 weeks before the laser epilation application.

Hairs in the treatment area should be shaved with a razor or machine two days before the procedure.

Points to Take Into Consideration After Laser Hair Removal

Artificial light sources such as sunbathing or solarium should be avoided for 15 days.

After laser epilation, cooling the area with ice application or air at intervals of 15-20 minutes relaxes the skin, reduces redness and swelling or loses completely.

Moisturizing the area with moisturizers after the procedure helps the skin recover faster.

The first 24 hours after laser epilation, the application area should not come in contact with very hot water.

Heavy sports that sweat the area where epilation is applied should not be done.

It should not be sunbathed and entered into a solarium for tanning for 15 days after the application.

If laser epilation has been applied to exposed areas of the skin such as the face, sunscreen should be used in sunny weather until the next session.

Things You Must Know About Laser Hair Removal

Roaccutane drugs should be left under the supervision of a doctor 6 months before starting laser epilation. Because this drug makes the skin more sensitive to rays, it makes it difficult to repair the irritated cells and increases the risk of burns on the skin.

If the person has a chronic illness or skin condition, they should definitely inform the doctor before the procedure.

At least 4 weeks before epilation, it is necessary to stop removing unwanted hair by wax, tweezers, epilator, depilatory cream.

In the week before the treatment, hair removal methods such as wax, wax, depilatory cream and tweezers should not be used. Because this tears off the hair root and reduces the effect of the laser. If the hair is uncomfortable, it would be better to shorten it with a razor.

If there is a drug used regularly, the doctor should be informed during the examination.

Chemical peeling should not be applied to the skin before epilation or products that will cause skin peeling should not be used. The substances that turn yellow of the hair should not be used before the application.

It would be better not to apply laser epilation in cases such as epilepsy, psoriasis, the use of acne medications with serious side effects, pacemaker use.

It is necessary to avoid sunbathing and tanning from 1 month before epilation. Because in order to get the desired successful result from epilation, the person must have his own skin color.

Make-up on the skin should be removed before the laser epilation. The makeup on the skin absorbs laser energy, resulting in less energy reaching the hair root and reduced device effectiveness.

In laser treatment, whichever laser device suitable for the hair structure of the person will be treated, hair must be taken in accordance with that device. If it is going to be treated with an Alexandrite laser device, the hair in the application area must be cleaned with a razor 3 days before.

If diode laser treatment will be performed, the hairs in the application area should be cleaned with a razor 1 day before.

After laser epilation, the area should be kept away from water for 24 hours. Laser epilation should not be done in the bath. A loofa can be used on the laser epilation area while bathing after 15 days.

Laser Hair Removal is usually done in autumn, winter or spring seasons, it is not preferred in summer. Because the epilation area should not be exposed to the sun for a while, and the desired result may not be obtained from the epilation on skin tanned from the sun. For this reason, it is recommended to stop sunbathing some time before epilation.

Epilation can be applied to any part of the body, except the eyelid.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

After the procedure, the hair follicles may become evident and the skin may become red. These side effects can occur after almost any laser application. But within 1-3 hours, very rarely after 24 hours, the rash disappears.

It is normal to feel tightness on the skin after laser epilation. Some skin is sensitive and dryness may be felt after the procedure. In this case, it is recommended to use moisturizer.

There may be spots on the areas administered with laser epilation. You should use a sunscreen with at least SPF30. Hairs on the hair follicles after the laser may grow within 1 or 2 weeks after the treatment.

Factors That Determine the Success of Laser Hair Removal

Device Selection

The first step to successful laser hair removal application is to choose the right device.

Skin Color

The skin color of the person to be applied provides an advantage in the application. Because dose increase can be made more easily in open skin types. The higher the laser dose, the greater the success of the application.

Hair Color

In laser hair removal applications, the effectiveness of the thick hair is high. For this reason, the darker the hair is, the more successful the laser epilation results.

Region Where Epilation Will Be Applied

One of the most difficult areas in epilation is the facial area.


Women are more advantageous for laser hair removal. The average success of men is lower than that of women.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Are the results permanent?

The term permanent hair reduction is used with laser hair removal. This can be defined as hairs not growing for a long time, remaining hairs becoming lighter in colour, and some hairs becoming thinner or disappearing. As a result, laser hair removal is a method that permanently reduces hairs and makes them not grow for a long period of time.

What Is The Price of Laser Hair Removal?

The price of laser hair removal changes depending on the size of the application area. For this reason, a consultation is necessary for the doctor to examine the hair type and treatment area. The price will be determined after the consultation.

Is there an age limit for laser hair removal?

There is normally no age limit for laser epilation application. However, it is not appropriate to perform the application without secondary sex characters on the hair. In this case, it is ideal after the age of 16 in women and 19 in men.

Is laser hair removal treatment painful?

Laser epilation is a much more painless method compared to waxing or threading techniques. The light energy given to destroy a tissue cannot be effective until it reaches a certain temperature under the skin. For this reason, while the skin surface is cooled by cold air, the subcutaneous tissue heats naturally. There may be a low intensity pain. In most cases, laser epilation can be applied without additional measures.

Is laser hair removal application harmful?

Laser hair removal application has no harm in terms of health. Because laser; it is non-ionized (non-ionized) energy. And this is a indicator of no influence for cell mutation. All laser types used in laser epilation only target hair follicles (hair stem cells). The laser has no negative effects on health.

It is not possible to affect the ovaries or internal organs since the light wavelengths of the lasers only go down to the root of the hair and do not go below it. The important thing here is to perform the procedure with the right device in the right energy and in a controlled manner.

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