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What is Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling (FRM)?

What is Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling (FRM)?

Your skin; in addition to advancing age, is affected, and rapidly aging by seasonal changes, air pollution, chemicals and unfavorable life conditions Your skin is heavily exposed to many external influences, and the wrinkles and blemishes will increase with time. The main purpose of gold microneedling, is to make the skin look healthier and younger.
FRM is the final word in ‘Non-surgical Skin Rejuvenation’ technologies. Specially designed gold-plated microneedles preferred in the system stimulates subdermal layers of the skin with radiofrequency waves, reaching the targeted depths of the skin without causing epidermal damage and thus healing process takes place.
This thermal damage results in the production of new collagen and elastin. Accordingly, FRM treatment activates cell growth factors in the upper layer of the skin.

Its most important feature is that it provides excellent results on the skin by providing total care in a session with a very painless application.

Gold Needle treatment is beneficial for protecting the skin from many harmful factors, with the skin appearing brighter, tense and healthier.

In the application of the gold needle, the duration of the procedure varies usually between 40-45 minutes depending on the area of application and the patient returns to his daily life soon after the procedure. The number of sessions necessitated for the patient may differ based on the treatment period determined by the physician for the rejuvenation of the skin.

Before the application of radiofrequency, the area to be treated is cleaned and anesthetic cream is applied. After completion of the procedure, a mild redness of the skin that will spontaneously resolve within an average of 1-3 hours may be seen. The patient can return to his/her normal life easily after the application and may return his/her work the next day.

What is Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling (FRM)?

After Application of FRM

With the application of radiofrequency, the regeneration in the skin is noticeable in a single session. Subcutaneous repair continues after the procedure. Skin regeneration will be felt more and more every day. The number of sessions required to reach the desired results varies according to the area to be treated The area of application should be prevented from exposure to sunlight. For this reason, sunscreen cream should be applied regularly.

FRM is Applied for the Following Indications:

  • Elimination of fine wrinkles,
  • Tightening of sagging parts of the body,
  • Skin rejuvenation,
  • Removal of acne scars, dimples, and scars,
  • Treatment of burn marks,
  • Treatment of dark circles under eyes,
  • Pregnancy stretch marks,
  • Pore tightening,
  • Acne treatment,
  • Refreshing the neck and décolleté region.

What does FRM Technology Mean?

FRM is performed in a short time line by line. Unlike other systems, since not all microneedles enter the skin at the same time, the patient does not feel pain during the microneedling process. The smooth movement of the needles alleviates the effects of strong impacts on thin skin areas covering bony regions like forehead.
Also, FRM technology enables insertion of microneedles in a more elegant way, allowing the skin to stretch naturally.

Pain and bleeding can be also significantly reduced. At the same time application of RF energy up to 40 W- ie. almost more than 2 times higher relative to that provided by other RF energy sources of almost all the other devices- ensures sufficient coagulation zone with shortened RF wave lengths allowing healing or at least minimizing vascular damage. The 2018 prices of gold needle treatment are determined by the type of the treatment to be applied and the number of sessions required.

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