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Freckles, sunspots, aging spots, congenital skin spots are frequently seen skin conditions. Many people want to get rid of these spots. To this end treatment methods of laser and other light systems have been used. We may say that nowadays laser technologies are the most resorted methods of treatment for the removal of skin spots.

In our Dermatology Clinic of Doku Medical Center mainly the following laser techniques are being used for the treatment of blemishes:

  • Fotona Starwalker Q-SW laser
  • ICON MaxG IPL system
  • Fractional Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser

Preferences for laser techniques vary depending on the type, and extent of the blemishes. Individual skin spots may be sufficiently removed using Q-SW laser. In case of widespread skin spots IPL systems may be preferred. We prefer CO2 laser in patients with sunspots associated with widespread sunburns

How are spots treated?

Priorly, type, and extent of the blemishes are examined by our dermatologists using dermoscopy, and special light systems, and the optimal treatment method is determined.

Firstly, photos of the application area are taken, and then this area is numbed using an anesthetic cream. The laser system selected based on the type of the blemish is used for treatment. After the application, cold compresses are applied on the treated area, and covered with epithelizing, and soothing creams. Treatment to be applied at home is prescribed by the physician. Then the patient is discharged, and appointment for a control visit is planned.

Can spots be removed in one treatment session?

It depends on the type and spread of the blemish. Separate superficial blemishes as freckles (lentigos) can be removed one by one in one session. However, for widespread blemishes more than one session is required. Three or four sessions, or even for some congenital skin spots more than one session at certain intervals may be required.

Do blemishes recur?

As is known, the main causative agent in sunspots is sun bathing and related skin lesions. After removal of the sunspots, new sunspots may recur in patients who do not protect themselves adequately from exposure to sun light. In this case treatment may be repeated. In cases with congenital cafe au lait spots recurrences may be seen, because these lesions originate from deeper layer of the skin. Therefore, periodic control is a must, and in case of need treatment should be repeated.

What are the side effects of laser therapy?

  • Pain: During applications of laser treatment a sensation of pain just like a rubber thing hitting the skin may be felt. Therefore, before the procedure the area of application is numbed using local anesthetics. Besides cold sprays are used to alleviate feeling of pain.
  • Discoloration: Following the application on the application area, different color changes may be seen in red, brown and white tones. These problems are generally resolve within a week. Masking these lesions with make-up does not create any problem.
  • Swelling: On the application area transient blisters may develop. Individual lesions generally resolve within 2-3 hours. In case of widespread lesions, swellings may persist up to 24 hours.
  • Transient alterations in skin tone: This condition may resolve spontaneously, while in some cases additional treatments may be required.

What should be done before laser treatment?

  • Clean the area of application before the procedure
  • Discontinue the blood thinning drugs 3-7 days before the treatment
  • Sun bathing should be discontinued 15 days before the application
  • Don’t use iron containing medications

Can the patient return to his/her normal routine daily life immediately after laser treatment of skin spots?

It may demonstrate variations dependent on the treatment to be applied and spread of the lesions. For separate single lesions, the patient may return to his/her daily life soon after the laser treatment However one or two day-rest may be required for patients with widespread lesions. Puffiness around the eye(s). persisting up to two days may be seen after laser treatment of congenital beauty spots at this location. During this period we recommend rest, and topical treatment with appropriate creams.

For whom laser treatment for blemishes is contraindicated?

  • Pregnant women, and patients
  • using blood thinning drugs
  • with hypersensitivity to laser frequency used.
  • with a skin disease like pemphigus
  • with vitiligo
  • with active infection.


In the treatment of blemishes laser therapy ensures effective, and permanent outcomes.

Skin problems can be solved within 1-6 treatment sessions.

Local anesthesia may be required during treatment process.

It minimally effects social life

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