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Lip filling is an esthetic intervention that is applied to people with congenital thin lips, those who have age-related lip thinning or those who want to have a more voluminous and shaped lips. It is based on the principle of injecting dermal fillings into and around the lips to reshape and make them appear more voluminous.

Although many filling materials such as permanent or semi-synthetic materials, and fillers of animal origin are available, the most reliable and most widely used fillers are hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a basic building material in the connective tissue, which allows the skin cells to retain water and to give the skin its natural volume. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other fillers is that the risk of allergic reactions or rejection by the body is very low. Therefore natural and esthetic looking lip is ensured without injecting a foreign substance.

Quality of the filler used is the most important factor in the success of lip filling. The application should be made in a way that preserves the natural appearance of facial features. Therefore an identical standard procedure is not performed for each individual.

Indications of Lip Filling

The lip filling process is basically applied for four different indications:

  • Correction of lip asymmetry
  • Clarifying the lip contour
  • Adding volume to the lips and making them suitable for esthetic proportions
  • Correction of age-related skin changes such as loss of volume, wrinkles and sagging of the lip.

Lip Filling Procedure

With an anesthetic cream applied to the lip 30-45 minutes before the procedure, the patient is prevented from feeling the pain of the injection. After anesthesia, the dermatologist injects the filling material into the predefined points on the lip with a fine-tipped needle or cannula.

Lip Filling Procedure

The process takes about 30 minutes and the results can be seen immediately after the procedure. After injection, some lumps may be observed in the lips and bruising at the injection points, as in any filling procedure performed with a needle, but these lesions resolve spontaneously within a few days. In some cases, regional swelling may last up to seven days. In this case there is no harm of using a bandage. Your physician will call you back for a control visit at approximately 1 or 2 weeks after the last session, and if you wish, you can do little touch-ups during the control visit.

The permanence of the lip filling performed with hyaluronic acid- based filling material is between 6 and 12 months. Although the application has an immediate effect, it may be impossible to thicken the lips in people with very thin lips. In such cases, the lips are gradually thickened within 6 to 8 months at 2 or 3 sessions. If you have thin lips, we recommend that lip filling should not do not distort the proportion between the lip and face by ensuring both natural and esthetic appearance. Because injections of inappropriate amounts of lip filling materials into wrong points in the lip can cause an unnatural appearance.

Who Can Not Undergo Lip Filling Procedures ?

  • Pregnant women,
  • Individuals with active herpes problems,
  • Those with inflammatory skin problems,
  • Not applicable for people who are hypersensitive to the material used.

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