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When summer season is nearing, especially women become very much concerned about their body weights and try to lose weight. In general, women or men who are in an effort to lose weight quickly invite many health problems. Nowadays, you can lose weight, and become slimmer in a very short time with more easily applied techniques.

As one of the most recent trends, using the Cool Sonic slimming method with LIPOcel technique, you can achieve the desired physics by dropping a size or two. You can get rid of your excess weight in a single session within 30 minutes. Now, thanks to the cooling system of LIPOcel technique that can be also used in Turkey, you can get fit as you desired.

It is a weight-losing technique which is applied by using high-intensity ultrasound waves.

Application of LIPOcel Technique

With the help of the ultrasonographic nonsurgical method, the subcutaneous fat tissue is destroyed with high intensity energy. It is basically a technique that directly destroys adipose tissue.

Things to Do Before Undergoing LIPOcel Application

  1. The dermatologist evaluates your eligibility for the LIPOcel method.
  2. Firstly, suitability of your body mass index should be checked.
  3. LIPOcel is not applicable for extremely obese patients. LIPOcel is suitable for people suffering from regional fats.
  4. For the application of the technique, the thickness of the patient’s fat tissue should be at least 1 cm.

People Who are Unfit for the Application of this Technique:

  • People with a body mass index over 30 percent
  • Women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant
  • Users of blood thinning medications
  • People with loose tissue due to weight loss
  • People with burn marks and scars

After LIPOcel Application

Because the procedure is very simple and painless, there is no need to stay in the hospital. LIPOcel is a simple technique performed in one session.

Social Life After LIPOcel Application

It does not affect your social life in any way. Application of LIPOcel method will never restrict your life. After short-term sessions, the patient can do his / her daily work without disrupting his /her daily life activities and may return home after the procedure.

When Are LIPOcel Therapy Results Become Evident?

You can observe the first effects of the treatment 3 months after the application. Later on, the patient’s condition is checked, and the permanency of the treatment is ensured.

LIPOcel Treatment Technique

LIPOcel Treatment Technique

As a method of destruction of fat cells in the body by ultrasound energy LIPOcel achieves 1 cm thinning without contacting with the skin. In body parts where, regional weight loss cannot be achieved via an exercise program, regional fat deposits can be destroyed using this method. The process, which is a very reliable method, is considered as one of the most preferred methods today.

LIPOcel, which is a HIFU device that focuses through a depth of 13 mm under the skin of the application area, ensures thermal destruction of unwanted fat cells.

The Effects of LIPOcel Technique and Afterwards

Transient swelling and redness may occur at the site of application after treatment. Patients may be requested to perform some exercises after the treatment. More favorable results are obtained from the treatment if combined with an exercise program. After a period of swelling, it is possible to see the effects more clearly. This method is ideal for those who want to lose weight within a short time.

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