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With the advancement of technology in medical esthetic treatments, alternative options began to appear.

Especially with the changes in regional thinning and body-shaping practices with technological developments, applications requiring surgical operations have been replaced by alternative medical esthetic applications.

Various devices that entered our lives with advanced technology began to make their names known in the areas of regional thinning and body shaping.

Emsculpt application, which we can define as the last point of technology, is one of these alternatives and undoubtedly the most effective.

Prominent Body Lines with Emsculpt

Almost all body shaping devices offer a service for the purpose of tightening the skin and burning fat. The shortest way to see successful results in body shaping applications is that the body is built suitable for thinning and tightening.

Balanced nutrition and exercise supplements are usually required in addition to body shaping devices to create this quality and make a difference. In the regional slimming and body shaping process, the first thing to be considered is to get rid of excess fat accumulated in the body and then to build the body by trying to shape the desired ratio.

Considering this is a very long and tiring process. However, Emsculpt is an application that has emerged as a solution to this situation and its effects are significant differences. Emsculpt is the only application that makes muscle while burning fat, and it has written its name on the technological developments in the esthetic world.

A more attractive six-pack and curvier backside.

For a body shaping application only burning fat will never be enough. A fit and attractive body is a result only attainable by strengthening your muscles. Before Emsculpt this meant hours spent at the gym and a loss of both time and energy.

However scientific research shows that especially people who spend a large portion of the day at work feel unhappy about their appearance because they can't find enough time or energy to go to the gym.

Considering all this data, the Emsculpt application, which has been created in order to provide convenience to our lives with technology and to add another dimension to body-shaping practices, is a device approved by the American Health Organization (FDA) and has been proven with clinical studies.

A fit body with Hollywood stars' abs

Owned by the BTL firm, the Emsculpt device is used quite extensively in the United States, it is used by a small number of clinics in Turkey and the quality was able to make a name as a proven technology. The Emsculpt application, which is also the first non-surgical hip shaping application in the world, is a device that everyone, especially Hollywood celebrities, closely follow and try to operate the abdominal areas, erect and shape the buttocks and have a fit body.

20 thousand squats or sit-ups in 30 minutes

Emsculpt is an application that acts on the body using high intensity focused electromagnetic energy. Using this powerful energy, it provides the contraction of the muscles in the treatment area and simultaneously accelerates fat burning.

The Emsculpt device, which has achieved a first in its technology by providing the muscles to contract 20,000 times in 30-minute sessions, is a technology that makes it possible to achieve results that cannot be achieved even with hours of intense exercise programs.

The application, which creates significant results in shaping abdominal muscles and hips, continues to show its effectiveness for more than a year. Emsculpt application, which has the effects of 20.000 sit-ups or squats in a 30-minute period, allows individuals to shape their bodies in the fastest and most effective way without spending energy and without wasting time.

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