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With the application of dermal nose fillers,which is one of the most preferred non-surgical esthetic treatments in recent years, it has become possible to soften the sharp corners of the nose, lift its tip, fill the dimples to reshape the nose and correct the slight nasal curvature.

Nose filler treatment performed without surgical intervention is based on the correction of the deformities of the nose by injecting the filling material under the skin.

Nose Filler

What are the Main Application Areas of Nose Filler Treatment?

  • Correction of asymmetries in the nose,
  • Elimination or reduction of structural curvatures of the nose,
  • Softening the nose contour,
  • Correction of nasal arches or nasal depressions
  • Raising the bridge of the nose with the filling,
  • Correction of slight nasal asymmetries developed after nose surgery,
  • Lifting the nose tip.

Application Method of Nose Filler Treatment

Local anesthetic cream is applied to the application site before the procedure. Then, hyaluronic acid-based fillers with local anesthetic properties are injected into the designated areas using cannulas instead of needles. After approximately 20-30 minutes of treatment, antibiotic cream is applied on the treated area.

After Nose Filler Treatment

The individual can maintain his/her daily life easily after the application. It is recommended not to lie face down on the day after the treatment. Due to the fact that this procedure is realized without intervening nasal bone and cartilage, it has a permanence of 12-18 months. After this period, if the patient desires, nose filler procedure may be repeated to reshape his/her nose.

What are the Advantages of Nose Filler Treatment?

In this application, which aims to make your nose agreeable and proportionate with your face, hyaluronic acid-based fillers which are naturally occurring polysaccharides in the human body as skin tissue, muscles, cartilage and joints are used. The reversibility of this application confers the individual many advantages. Nose filler treatment can help hesitant individual who is thinking to undergo nose surgery to have an idea about its outcomes.
If there i a problem arises related to the nose filler procedure performed, there is a possibility that the filler will be melted and the nose will be restored to its original configuration immediately. The person can have desired results within a short time of 20 minutes and also return to his/her routine daily life as there will be no bleeding or bruising after the procedure.

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