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Seasonal changes, inadequate water intake, malnutrition, irregular sleep pattern and exposure to sunlight cause the skin to become dry, dull and wrinkle. Due to aging, environmental influences and seasonal changes, the skin, which loses its moisture, dries out with time, resulting in volumetric losses in the skin. With the loss of volume, the amount of hyaluronic acid contained in the skin also decreases which results in wrinkle formation.

Nowadays, thanks to many innovations, it has become possible to increase skin quality and provide moisture to the skin. One of the most effective of these applications is redermalization procedure.

Redermalization Procedure

What is Redermalization Procedure?

Redermalization process is effective in replacing the moisture that the skin has lost. It also softens the skin, reduces its tension and adds silky vitality using a special formula containing hyaluronic acid having water retaining properties and sodium succinate.
Pure hyaluronic acid content of the vaccine used in redermalization procedure will confer water support to the skin, and stimulates restoration of the dermis by increasing the amount of collagen (through fibroblast stimulation in the skin), and a moistening effect lasting up to 3-6 months in a single session is ensured.

Sodium succinate acts with the vaccine used to synergistically provide a pronounced antioxidant effect, acitvely blocking free radicals and stimulating the sluggish metabolic processes in the skin. The effects on the metabolic process include strengthening cellular respiration, normalising ion transport, increaasing protein synthesis and increasing energy production through the stimulaiton of the Krebs cycle in mitochondria. This all translates to the restoration of cells, an increase in skin elasticity, firmness and tightness, improved colour and texture of the face, as well as a reduction in the signs of aging and fatigue.

What are the Benefits Achieved with Redermalization Procedure?

The skin, which loses its elasticity due to loss of moisture, dries out and becomes dull, causing cracks and wrinkles. With application of the hydration vaccine vitality and natural color of the skin are ensured. It repairs the system required to prevent loss of skin moisture Thus, a silky appearance and moist skin is achieved.

How is Redermalization Procedure Performed?

After the application of local anesthesia to the area where the procedure is to be carried out, hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin tissue at small intervals with the help of very fine needles. This procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Within a short time after the application, slight redness and small swellings may occur but soon after, they will spontaneously resolve.The patient can return to his / her normal life after the procedure.

How Long Does the Effect of the Redermalization Procedure Last?

The person may notice that his / her skin is moisturized, revitalized, and assumes a radiant appearance soon after after the application. Although duration of its effect varies according to the texture of the skin, it lasts for an average of 9 months up to 1 year. At the end of this period, the redermalization procedure should be repeated. Thanks to this single-session method, the moisture requirement of the skin is met.

In Conclusion, What Can We Expect From the Procedure?

With redermalization procedure carried out in a single session, a significant reduction in wrinkles on the skin surface, increase in skin moisture balance and vitality, resolution of dryness and sagging of the skin or increase in moisture as well as elasticity can be achieved.

What are the Application Areas of Redermalization Procedure?

This procedure can be performed on the neck, face, mouth, forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, on the hand and on the décolleté.

Can Redermalization be Performed in Everyone?

It can be performed to individuals over the age of 20 with various skin textures.

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