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Satin faces skin tightening treatment stimulates the skin’s natural collagen building mechanisms permeating through to the deepest levels under the surface to tighten skin and give a more youthful texture as well as appearance.

It stands out as one of the most effective and painless methods amongst non-surgical face lift treatments.

Additionally, for regional slimming, cellulite improvement and skin tightening we perform Satin body tightening & shaping treatment.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

There is no age limit for this treatment. Individuals with cardiac pacemakers and breast-feeding as well as pregnant women are not eligible for the treatment.

What conditions can be treated through Satin skin tightening treatment?

- Droopy eyelids

- Bags under the eyes

- To reduce the appearance of fine lines under and around the eyes

- To reduce the appearance of upper lip lines and smile lines that run from the bottom corners of the nose

- To define the cheekbones and jawline

- Double chin

- Tightening of sagging skin and smoothing of neck wrinkles

Regional slimming and body contouring aims to treat cellulite, tightening loose skin on the belly and other areas due to pregnancy or rapid weight loss.

How many sessions are required to see noticeable results?

We recommend 4 sessions with a one-week interval. 4 sessions will be sufficient to maximize the benefits of your treatment plan. If required the treatment can be applied 4 sessions at 1-2 year intervals. Although the patient may feel some tightness after the first 2 sessions, he/she will be able to see the final results after the 3rd session.


As new collagen growth will be stimulated deep within the dermal layer, we recommend our patients to follow a healthy diet regime and to increase their water intake during this period. By avoiding excessive sun exposure, good physical and mental stress management (staying away from tobacco, regular exercise etc.) you can get the most longevity of your results.

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