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Dermatologist, Pharmacologist


Master's Degree: Pharmacology Specialization in Istanbul University (Çapa) Faculty of Medicine

Master's Degree: Gureba Foundation Hospital (Istanbul) (1995-1999) Dermatology

Master's Degree: Ege University (Izmir) (1997) Specialization in Dermatological Surgery

Undergraduate: Istanbul University (Istanbul) (1991) Çapa Faculty of Medicine

Secondary Education: Konya High School for Boys (1985)

Foreign Language: English (good level)

Work experiences :

Full-time: He has been working in Private Doku Medical Center (DOKU Tıp Merkezi-Istanbul) since 2017 as a Dermatologist

Full time: Serkan AYGIN Clinic - Istanbul (2013 - 2017)

He performs hair transplantation in the clinic he established under his own name (Serkan Aygın Clinic), and Hospitals of Koç University Faculty of Medicine

Full time: Med Hair Hair Transplantation Center - Istanbul (2007 -2013)

Hair transplantation and hair health operations were continued as the only doctor responsible for the clinic he founded.

Thanks to his active endeavors, hair transplantation performed in the clinical environment have been started to be carried out in hospital settings since 2007.

Firstly, hair transplantation was performed in Aksoy Hospital, then in Kadıoğlu Hospital.

Thus, hair transplantation started to be performed in fully equipped settings with surgical intervention facilities.

He elaborated on the development of the FUE technique. He tried to establish the four basic principles of hair transplantation namely naturalness, density, direction and angle of the transplanted hair.

Part Time: Med Hair Hair Transplantation Center - Istanbul (2001 -2007)

He was the founder of the clinic, which operated only in the field of hair transplantation and hair health applications.

For the first time hair transplantation using the mini micrograft technique was realized in Turkey.

He performed hair transplantation operations in Med Hair using FUT and FUE techniques.

Besides, in 2005, for the first time in Turkey FUE technique was started to be used only in this medical center.

He started to work as a specialist in the clinics of dermatology. Several articles have been published on his applications.

From 2001 on, research and application studies have been carried out in the Hair Diseases Polyclinic of Gureba Foundation Hospital.

Awards, Seminars and other documents:

In 2017 he was endowed with “The Most Successful Hair Transplant Doctor” award by Unimpeded Life Foundation & Haçiko (Engelsiz Yaşam Vakfı & Haçiko).

Conferences, seminars were held over forty years abroad between 2005, and 2017. Seminars were held in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, mainly in Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Serkan AYGIN was registered as a trademark by Turkish Patent Institute: registration #: 2013/37045,

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