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The skin loses its volume with aging. The Smart Filler application which leads the way among the most sought esthetic operations, replenish this lost volume with its rejuvenating effect.

Our body undergoes structural and functional changes during the aging process, which is an integral part of the vital cycle. Symptoms of this change in physiological functioning are more manifest in skin tissue.

As we age, the amount of collagen which is one of the most important supporting structures of the skin that maintains its elasticity and tightness, decreases. Elastin fibers which give elasticity and strength to our skin also harden and lose their elasticity. This condition manifests itself with skin lines, and especially with fine, and deep wrinkles on the face, marked joy lines, sagging, and pitting of cheeks, deep lines starting from both sides of the nose and extending down to the edges of the lips. and a general volume loss in the face due to a decrease in skin fat tissue.

These physical changes are mainly due to the decrease in the amount of body's collagen. For this reason, while performing esthetic applications, procedures which can induce production of collagen is carried out.

What is Smart Filler?

With its durability and biological absorbability properties persisting one to four years, Smart Filler is among the biocompatible new generation collagen stimulants. Polycaprolactone (PCL) is the main active substance which constitues 30% of the smart filler product and stimulates collagen production. While Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) which comprise 70% of the filler mixture is a semi-synthetic, water-soluble polymer that is used as a carrier substance and volume-occupying agent. In practice, as a carrier substance CMC, which allows us to see the feeling of fullness, usually disappears by dissolving one month after the procedure.

The new collagen fibers produced are Type I collagen which is found in our skin. Type I collagen is the most common collagen found in the body. Other collagen-stimulating fillers stimulate Type III collagen, which is the wound-healing collagen that gives the skin its elasticity and strength. This difference is the most important factor that distinguishes Smart Filler from other collagen stimulants.

How is Smart Filler Applied?

How is Smart Filler Applied?

After the anesthetic cream is applied to the areas to be treated, the filling material is injected under the skin. For this reason, we can call this filling process a 'little touch'. The individual returns to his/her daily life soon after the application. The light fullness seen after the application is caused by the structure of the gel, but it is a temporary condition which disappears within a few weeks. It is necessary to wait for 3-4 months to ensure sufficient amount of collagen formation in the body and to see the actual effect of the treatment. At the end of this indicated period, the desired effect is seen in the skin tissue and a significant improvement in skin quality and its appearance is achieved.

How Long do the Effects of Smart Filler Application Last?

The effects of smart filler persist from one to four years. The permanency of its effects prolongs further after repetitive applications.

What are the Application Areas of Smart Filler?

Facial application of smart filler to the lips, around and under the eyes is contraindicated. Apart from these regions, it can be applied to any area that needs volume replacement, and lifting.

  • Deep wrinkles on the face,
  • Volumetric losses in cheeks and on temples,
  • Face marks,
  • Restoring oval shape of the face,
  • Rejuvenation of hands,
  • It is applied for reducing or removing skin saggings.

Is Smart Filler More Safe?

Thanks to its feature of full biological absorption, smart filler is completely eliminated from the body as CO2 and water through normal metabolic pathways at the end of its desired duration of action.

Smart filler, which is an approved medical product that has passed many safety tests, does not contain any substance derived from animals, vegetables or human beings.Thanks to the microspheres contained in the product, smart filler has a predictable and controlled safety profile. Another important difference of smart filler is that due to its soft and natural appearance, its filling material easily adapts to the person's skin texture and its effect starts within one month after its application and persists gradually up to 4 months. This is a positive difference for the patients because it does not cause a rapid increase in volume. This filler can be said to be more reliable than other fillers.

For Whom Smart Filler is Contraindicated?

Smart Filler should not be applied to pregnant women, patients using corticosteroids, uncontrolled diabetes patients, patients with collagen tissue diseases, infection or metabolic syndrome and similar conditions.

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